Friday, 14 April 2017

Shocking Book Lending Stats for Lewisham Libraries

Lewisham Library statistics for attendance and book issues have just been released in response to a request to Rob Wilson, Minister for Libraries. These statistics show that book lending in Lewisham has decreased by a shocking 45%! 

2009/10 figures are important in that they show the library stats before any of Lewisham libraries were handed over to voluntary organisations and businesses to run.

These statistics demonstrate very clearly that volunteers cannot deliver the same professional, proactive and knowledgeable service as trained library professionals to library users, resulting in this dramatic drop in book issues.

2015/16 Visits:    2,078,294
              Issues:     635,063

2014/15 Visits:    2,081,986
              Issues:     770,898

2009/10 Visits:    2,028,350
              Issues:  1,146,461

It is the young people of this borough who are being let down most. Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between reading for leisure and academic achievement in young people, so with this drop in professional library staff and book issues, is it any surprise that Lewisham does relatively poorly on education indicators. 44% of 19 year olds have no qualifications, the third highest of any London borough. 63% of pupils receiving free school meals do not get five good GCSEs (5 A*-C grades, including English and Maths), compared to a London average of 54%.

We believe the Mayor and Lewisham Council have badly misled the public in presenting the alternative 'community library' system as being as efficient and comprehensive as the council-run library service.  These statistics are a stark reminder of what we have lost. We must guard against any further downgrade in our public library services!

Saturday, 1 April 2017

V22 wins Manor House library contract

Sadly, last week, Mayor and Cabinet agreed to hand over Manor House Library to an arts business, V22,  in spite of community and campaign efforts to keep our library run by trained council staff. 

We have serious concerns about V22 and its subsidiaries, as do other people working in the art world who have been tracking its directors and their links to mining companies and property development, using artists and cheap studio provision as a way of regenerating an area, which profits who? Mainly the property developers...

Read the following article by Stephen Pritchard

Is it ethical that a private company listed in the Isle of Mann, who will not be paying any tax on its profits, gain from running a beautiful listed building owned by the council?! We say NO! 

The campaign will continue to monitor all the 'community libraries' that have been handed over to third parties, making sure that they do actually comply with the 1964 Libraries Act by providing 'an efficient and comprehensive library service.' 


TODAY: Don't forget to join the Re-open our libraries now! PROTEST for Defend the Ten on the anniversary of the occupation on the steps of Carnegie Library in Lambeth today at 1pm!